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I think it's important to discuss highlighting. I know that when I first tried to highlight I looked awful. And there is nothing worse then putting all the effort into prepping your skin and perfectly concealing it, then taking it off because your foundation or highlighting didn't work. So keep reading and I'll hopefully enlighten you on the subject of highlighting- (and yes, I just said that).

Moving on, there are different ways to highlight your skin. One way is to mix a liquid highlighter (a luminiser) with foundation and apply it all over your face. This is amazing for fabulous young blemish-free skin. Anyway, or you can highlight only certain areas, which gives your skin that hint of glow.

Now, it's important to choose the right highlighter. How can you do this? Well, I would first apply the product to the cupid's bow on your top lip. You should see a natural shine, as if your natural skin tone is glowing, not colour. If it is too yellow, you have chosen a colour that is too dark for your skin tone. If it looks white and frosty, you have chosen a colour that it too light.

So, for skin tones that are pale- you want to choose colours that are 'eggshell coloured.' For medium skin tones, use soft golds and rose golds, not bronzers. For dark skin tones, use deep golds and bronzers. For black skin tones, use burgundies and dark, shimmery chocolate.

But where should you highlight? For youthful, winkle-free skin (sounds like a dream), you can highlight ALL OVER. If you are even slightly worried about fine lines and blemishes (my life) you can highlight the forehead (in a circular shape, just above, in the middle of the brows), the upper cheek bones, the nose bridge, inner eye corner, middle eyelid and brow bone.

And please, don't use higher in the areas where your skin is extremely oily, blemished or lined.

I hope this helped. Comment below if you want to get some more advice on highlighting tips. There are five tips that I would definitely recommend.


  1. Loved the post. What would you say is your number one Highlighting tip? Any mistakes to avoid?

    1. Thanks for your comment JP! I really appreciate it :) Well a tip would be to only use white or silver greys for highlighting the inner corners of your eyes. A mistake, hmmm, well don't EVER high light your lip hair. So make sure your cupid's bow is hair-free!


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