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You can use your express makeup kit to touch up your makeup -- FAST.

I've taken most of these ideas from Rae Morris- she is an incredible makeup artist. 


  • If your skin is too shiny, use a non-powdered blotting papers. They will de-shine your skin in seconds and work better with powder. 
  • Tone down flushed skin with an anti-red primer. They are available at your cosmetic or pharmacy counter.
  • In HOT weather, which makes you perspire, use a grease-based foundation, as it's water-resistant and won't run.

  • If you are always in a rush, consider keeping your eyebrows and lashes tinted to your desired colour.
  • If your mascara runs, dab a small amount of foundation onto the end of a cotton bud and use it as an eraser. 
  • Before using a cotton bud to touch up around your eyes, especially the inner rims, wet it with eye drops. You will not only soothe your eyes but also reduce the risk of leaving any fibres behind. 

Just a few tips on touching up makeup- lips will come soon! Also, don't forget to check out Rae Morris's amazing makeup "Quick Looks" book. 

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